Carol Harrington, CMT, MA
Mind & Body Wellness Facilitator


Welcome to the office of 

Carol Harrington, CMT, MA


   - Individually Tailored Professional Massages - 

Relax with a gentle soothing massage or receive
focused work designed
to reduce body tension, pain or stiffness
due to injury or accumulated stress
Each session is tailored to meet your body's specific needs

(Sessions are held in beautiful Carmel, CA in a soothing, healing environment.) 

26384 Carmel Rancho Lane, 203C, The Barnyard, Carmel, CA     

                                                            (831) 601-5062 


-  Somatic Mindfulness - 

I maintain that my client's answers ultimately lie within themselves. I facilitate client's in the exploration of their present dilemmas, current experiences or challenges as it relates to their inner terrain. I assist in the unearthing of any blocks and patterns that may be inhibiting  access to the clients' own Inner Healer and Inner Wisdom thru the use of somatic mindfulness..      

  • exploring what is getting in the way of experiencing what is most desired
  • linking psychological issues and the body by helping access the body’s self-regulatory capacities and by supporting nervous system re-regulation
  • examining  present dilemmas and current experiences
  • helping in recognizing any unconscious dynamics that may be running one's life
  • providing support in one's liberation from these oftentimes habitual patterns
  • the use of  somatic mindfulness and an orientation to resources to anchor self-regulation in the nervous system.
  • the use of mindful inquiry into the deeper identifications and counter-identifications that we take to be our identity

                    (Sessions are held in my Carmel office or online in any state )              . 

26384 Carmel Rancho Lane, 203C, The Barnyard, Carmel, CA 

                                    (831) 601-5062                                        

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